Internet Marketing and Promotion Tips for Ecommerce

Unless you promote and market your website for e-commerce, no one will even know it exists. This is called the "informational island principle". The idea is that you are stuck on the island until you can sell your products.


What is ecommerce? Read more of that at


You can do this through multiple different ways, like:


One way is search engine optimization commonly known as SEO


Social networking websites


Marketing through pay per click, commonly known as PPC


There are many ways you can go about doing this. You can experiment with these to find out which works best for you. For now here are three of those strategies.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization


You may notice when you visit a search engine two items called organic listings and ads. For most popular search engines ads will show up on top of the page, on the bottom, and on the right of organic listing.


On popular search engines there can be 10 organic listings. When a blog or a wecommerce website is created it will be given a rank. For example if you tell someone your page is ranked number 12 it will appear on the 2nd page in the 2nd spot for organic listings.


The purpose of search engine optimization is to improve rankings on websites. Although, there are many things that contribute to the ranking.


There are two important things search engines look for. They are popularity and content. When they look at content they want to if it is unique. If it is unique it means it is one of a kind.


When making content make sure it is your own work. You can also add keywords into your content.


When adding keywords there are key areas to place them such as Meta description tag and Meta title tag, this is so the search engine can retrieve information about the site.


When search engines ranks your content they rank it through popularity, so you must read some of the ecommerce tips on this. To find out how popular your website is, use a backlink.


So what's a backlink?


When you create a link to a different website you are making a backlink. The more backlinks the better. You can buy them, get them yourself, or just watch it grow from other people.


Social Networking


Social media is trending. Being an owner of an ecommerce business, it would not be wise to ignore social media.


Try out each site and pick one you like. The key to social networking and making connections. Every website has their own name for it. For example, there are follows and subscribers.


Marketing through Pay Per Click or PPC


Remember the ads and organic listing? You will also see advertisements. They are known as pay per click ads.